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Admiral Fox is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard dabbler based in Minneapolis, MN. His real name is Dan DeMarco. He used to make music under that name, and some other names too, but not anymore. His homemade style of recording and beatmaking recalls Neutral Milk Hotel, Fleet Foxes, and a lo-fi Radiohead.


 winter in limbo

"The appealing nature of DeMarco’s songwriting along with his catchy guitar melodies should start off anyone on the right foot who’s not familiar with this artist." -- Divide and Conquer

The songs on Winter in Limbo were all written acoustically at first, then recorded and produced over the span of a year to emphasize the sounds that I thought inspired them. Folky numbers like You're Just Like a Sparrow and the title track display my affection for fingerpicking singer-songwriters like Elliott Smith and Shakey Graves, and my love for post-rock and shoegaze comes through on tracks like Buzz Lightyear, with that track and Sleep Standing Up and Pretty Scary betraying a Radiohead influence as well. Basically this album was about combining my love for acoustic and experimental rock to produce a tight collection of weird, catchy tracks.

Baby Owl

Official video by Walter Smits


Winter in Limbo

Official video by Walter Smits


Live at Moto-i

Courtesy of Back to the City


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